What to do when a loved one dies

At this difficult time, there are people ready to help you.

Contact a Funeral Director

When a loved ones dies, contact a Funeral Director who will assist you in organising a burial, cremation, chapel service, function, coffin and other steps to help you during this time.

The Funeral Director will contact us to make a booking and they will help you in every aspect of the burial process. Gippsland Memorial Park works with Funeral Directors in Traralgon, throughout Gippsland and from Melbourne.

Purchase a burial plot for future use

At any time you can purchase a burial plot or garden plot for cremated remains in advance and keep for future use. All our plot locations are in perpetuity which means they are available for always.

All our locations allow for two interments so you can use one and then have the second space in reserve for later use.