Burial Lawn Graves and Crypts

Burial may refer to a number of different situations; however, in all instances, it involves placing the deceased within a coffin, casket or shroud.

There are a number of different earth-grave options to suit a wide range of preferences. It is essential to select the desired location carefully as the area chosen will determine which form of memorial is available. Options range from a plaque which sits flush with the ground, a headstone or a full monument that covers the total grave area.

Lawn Graves

Each Lawn grave has a bronze plaque that sits on a concrete beam at the head of the grave. Two burials can be placed at each location and the costs for the plaque is included in our burial costs. The lawn is maintained by our dedicated ground staff & contractors.

Monumental Graves in Lawn

The Monumental Lawn graves has an upright granite headstone which is supplied by a Stonemason. You organise the wording on this with the stonemason as the inscription is not included in our burial fees.

Monumental Graves

A full or half monument is supplied by the stonemason and you organise the design and inscription with them.


These graves contain a sealed concrete chamber above or below the ground providing space for up to two interments. In most situations, a full monument, which covers the total grave area, is placed on top of the grave designed and organised by a stonemason.

Contact us via phone or email to discuss the different burial options to suit your personal, cultural and religious preferences.