Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to get answers to frequently asked questions about burials and cremations at Traralgon Cemetery and Gippsland Crematorium.

How to buy a burial plot?
You can purchase a plot by making an appointment with Brett or Lynda at the office. We will discuss the different options and gardens available, as well as answering any questions you may have. Contact us to make an appointment.

What days are flowers removed?
Dead or faded flowers are removed each week but only if they are looking tired. We don’t touch your newly laid flowers or trinkets.

Can you use glass vases when leaving flowers at a burial site?
No. Glass vases are not to be used as they can blow over and break in the wind causing a safety hazard to our staff and families visiting other graves.

What parking and disabled access is available?
There is plenty of parking available in our large car park and you can also drive your vehicles into the cemetery if you need assistance walking to a location.

There is a disability path available that leads into the new Children’s Section with parking at one end within our grounds.

Covid requirements
While the impacts of COVID-19 are continually evolving, our focus continues to be on helping our community to honour and celebrate life. We are working with the latest advice from the Victorian Government to adapt our services and procedures to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, partners and the community we serve.

Following the Victorian Government's announcement of an upcoming further easing of restrictions, this page has important information to help you understand how the changes will affect our services.

Our locations remain open and we are observing restrictions to keep our locations as safe as possible for our community to honour and celebrate life.

We encourage our community to continue to adhere to all current Victorian Government directives.

Am I permitted to visit a cemetery?
You may visit our locations to attend a funeral or confirmed appointment, but restrictions apply.

There are no restrictions on reasons to travel to our sites, and you may travel from anywhere within metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria when you visit.

Please note that face masks are still compulsory in some circumstances.
We understand that while these changes are encouraging, this remains a difficult time for many. We have a shared responsibility to comply with government public health measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and continue to adapt our services to help keep our community safe.

What if my culture requires specific burial?
We are a culturally sensitive organisation catering for people of many different faiths and beliefs. We have an Islamic (Muslim) burial ground as well as grounds for a range of Christian denominations. We also have a Natural Burial Ground for those wishing an ecological friendly burial.

Please talk to us about your requirements.

Stillborn/infant burial
Through Funeral Directors Gippsland Memorial Park offers services of cremation for pre-20 week babies. This service is free-of-charge to support the family’s welfare and help improve their quality of care after loss. The cremation is handled with the same care and consideration that Gippsland Memorial Park is renowned for. The ashes are returned to families in a beautiful tiny pearlised urn complete with presentation box and cremation card recognising the cremation and acknowledging the loss the family has suffered. A gift of care for them to treasure forever.