Natural Burial Garden

An Ecological Burial is “the practice of burying a human body in the earth, in a manner that allows for natural decomposition with minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem.”

The Ecological burial site “Whispering Gums” is so called as it features a rare and gorgeous 400 plus year old Coastal Grey Gum specimen, home to many small insects and animals. To protect the roots of this eucalypt species all burials on site are singular and of shallower depth; all coffins or cremation urns are made of natural sustainable material (wicker, plantation pine, wood, wool, bamboo) all grave markings are smaller than traditionally used in cemetery grounds.

Gippsland Memorial Park has a large rock where small plaques are placed in a grid pattern, duplicating the grave locations on site. This assists you in finding the location of your loved one.

Ecological burial is a premium option for those who wish to experience the traditions of burial in a heartfelt natural humanistic way that will not do as much harm to the environment as traditional burials.

Ecological cremation places emphasis on customs and Gippsland Memorial Park recognises the need for some cultures to attain peace through using customs akin to the beliefs of the deceased.

All interments are placed in a grave that promotes rapid decompositions to benefit the soil or, in the case of cremation, the ash remains are interred in a biodegradable vessel to ensure the soil’s ecosystem and the roots of trees are not adversely impacted.

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