New Reflection Courtyard

The Traralgon Cemetery Trust is developing a new Reflection Courtyard near the Children’s Section where you can sit and reflect on your loved ones and watch the magnificent wedge tailed eagles soaring overhead and the expanse of water below. This is one of our most beautiful places in the cemetery, a private and secluded area for reflection and memories.

This area will have 10 individual granite panels with niches for cremated remains and another two free standing niche walls also for cremated remains. 400 new niches will be available in this new, stunning area that is to be an elite area of beauty and seclusion.

This area has been chosen as it is near the Children’s Burial Sections and will offer premium niche wall locations for family members of those children, keeping families together in death.

Excavation work is underway so please keep away from this area that has been barricaded off from the public. It is due to be opened in April/May, 2022.